Why Ship With US?

Why To Do Business With Newcomb Transportation & Logistics Company?

Everything that Newcomb Transportation & Logistics does is geared to offer benefits to our customers. We have built our reputation by offering reliable, efficient, cost effective and flexible freight shipping services to meet the needs of shippers and customers both large and small. We strive to provide more for our customers than the ordinary freight brokers that liter the freight brokerage industry. We help to cut shipping costs and save money to big or small organizations and companies

Our commitment is to maintain the highest possible standards of service in every aspect of our freight brokerage business. In response to our customers’ needs, we have developed an online, real-time, freight rate calculator unlike any other in the industry. We offer instant shipping rates for truckloads, flatbeds, and other specialized shipping services; not just access to LTL tariffs. We have yet to find a freight rate calculator as accurate and comprehensive as ours. Freight brokers have tried to mimic our rating system, but nothing is more comprehensive or accurate.



We develop and maintain long-term partnerships with our network of reliable motor carriers. Every freight carrier, on every load we ship, is given a rating to determine if they are maintaining their service levels. When combined with our experience and expertise, Newcomb Transportation & Logistics Brokers are able to provide freight shippers with the highest quality shipping service at all times. Our customers trust us to do what we say we will do, when we say we will do it. Quite simply, a customer who entrusts their business to us will find their shipments are treated as if they were our own.


Newcomb Transportation & Logistics can manage the entire shipping process, door-to-door, regardless of the size of the freight shipment. We create tailor-made, flexible shipping solutions for companies wanting to outsource their distribution, shipping and documentation needs. Our knowledge, expertise, and company organization allows us to quickly solve problems and/or address changes in shipping requirements, giving our customers the additional value of options and flexibility.

An Honest and Realistic Approach

At Newcomb Transportation & Logistics we aim to fully understand the requirements of our customers. We operate as an extension of your business, and provide you with honest and realistic expectations, not promises that cannot be delivered. Many freight brokers manipulate pricing in order to achieve a particular end. At Newcomb Transportation & Logistics, we provide trucking rates and service descriptions with your best interests in mind.

Saving You Money & Cutting Your Costs

Newcomb Transportation & Logistics is not bound to any carrier by required volume contracts – thus we are free to seek out the very best freight rates, routes and service options for our customers. Our experience will guide you in what can be a stressful aspect of your business when selecting the best mode of transport and channels for your freight shipping. Additionally, our volume of business enables us to negotiate the best possible trucking / freight rates for you. As a result, you benefit from the most efficient and cost effective service possible.

Regardless of the size of your business, your shipping costs probably account for a big chunk of your expenses. If you have not carefully evaluated all aspects of the process, you are probably spending more money than you need to get your goods out; considering the amount of money that goes to shipping, this could seriously be affecting your company’s bottom line. Here are some tips that can help cut your shipping costs and increase your profits. Newcomb Logistics can help you to save you money on shipping and considerably cut your shipping cost. We’ll work with you!

Time Savings

For the occasional freight shipper the potential problems associated with working across time zones, finding equipment for your shipment and customs etc., can be extremely complex and exceptionally time consuming. At Newcomb Transportation & Logistics we handle the whole logistics process – freeing you from the time-consuming arrangements necessary for successful on-time shipments and deliveries. Our priority? To ensure that you are satisfied with the entire shipping process every time.

Commitment to Quality

The quality of the service that Newcomb Transportation & Logistics offers the key factor in our continued success. Our commitment to quality is reflected in our team of logistics professionals who serve customers that look for the highest value in their freight shippers. We believe that, in a fast changing transportation industry, our customers need a safe pair of hands into which they can consistently entrust their business. When working with Newcomb Transportation & Logistics you will get just that – whenever, whatever, wherever. Our forward-looking and dynamic approach means that we are never standing still. We constantly review and develop our services to match our customers’ needs and expectations.

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Newcomb Transportation& Logistics is more than just a freight broker. We are a full service freight shipping company, specializing in various freight shipping services. We offer the best freight rates quotes whether you are seeking price competitive freight rates or specialized freight quotes.


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