Truck and Trailer Rrefrigeration Systems

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Truck and Trailer Rrefrigeration Systems

It may come as a shocker that “perishable goods” include items more varied than fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, frozen foods, and dairy products. Today’s truck and trailer refrigeration systems, known as reefers, also keep other high-value loads at perfect temperatures and humidity levels so they reach your destination safely.

Prompted by regulations and economics, the freezing chain has broadened. More loads than ever have need of climate-controlled handling and including:

  • Pharmaceuticals. Frequently used drugs such as insulin and the seasonal flu vaccine must be shipped and stored at temperatures between 35˚F and 46˚F to avoid spoilage and contamination.
  • Tobacco products. Cigarettes, cigars, and other high-value tobacco items require strictly controlled temperature levels to conserve freshness, quality and superiority.
  • Fine art and antiques. Controlling humidity and temperature is very important for shipments of fine art, antiques, collectible vehicles, and other priceless items. These items often move extended distances in a controlled climate of about 70˚F.
  • Personal care products. Cosmetics, perfumes, and other individual care products must be protected against the possibility of spoilage during the journey from factory to warehouse to store. Lipstick, for example, can simply melt unless correct trailer temperatures are maintained.
  • Chemicals and engineered materials. Climate control helps decrease the chance of a chemical effect that could result in a fire or explosion, or affect the load’s quality.




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