Responsibilities Of A Dispatcher

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Responsibilities Of A Dispatcher

A dispatcher is usually an employee of a trucking company. They are responsible for managing the drivers of the company.  They plan and coordinate loads for the drivers, they manage the drivers’ schedule, ensure they are following DOT guidelines, and many other essential duties. The dispatcher is usually the person that will contact you when you have a load available. They will be looking for loads that match the needs of a drivers’ route, and contact the broker about the load. They will usually be very abrupt and straight to the point. They usually are not rude people; they are very busy and have a hectic job. Being a dispatcher, in my opinion, is the stress equivalent of an air traffic controller. Most dispatchers use a software program that that will coordinate their trucks, loads, and customers’ information. Most companies also now use tracking software that will check driver’s location, speed, arrivals and departures. This software has significantly decreased a dispatchers’ workload.



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