How to get a Freight Agent job with no experience and knowledge?

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How to get a Freight Agent job with no experience and knowledge?

This is an ideal opportunity for you. AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY!

The only opportunity you might ever have to get in the freight brokering agency with no experience. GET TRAINED ON THE JOB only at Newcomb Transportation & Logistics.

We are a rapidly growing freight broker company and we are currently looking for highly motivated individuals to grow with us. This terrific opportunity is open for aggressive Freight Agents nationwide to join our team. Newcomb Transportation & Logistics is a strong, secure, financially sound company where you will receive all the security of a corporation while being treated like family. We are proud of the relationship we have with each one of our agents and see them as a partner ~ not just a number.

You don’t have to have a current client/carrier base. You need to have a desire to learn freight broker job on the job.

Unlike many freight brokers we do not place quotas on our agents nor do we have territory restrictions. We offer a home to agents starting out with little or no experience, but BIG dreams to become a successful Independent Freight Agent.   Get More Details



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