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NOTE: Applications For "Freight Broker On The Job Training" - Are Not Accepted At This Time!

Freight Broker Home-Based Training  -  Testimonials From Real Time Agents, With Real Time Results!

We are looking for motivated, independent, with good work ethics and strong entrepreneurial spirit folks, who are willing to join an exciting top home-based businesses opportunity to own. It’s a largest growing sector of the transportation industry to be part of. Gain your knowledge from an actual Freight Broker Company not a school, with assured home-based job as a Freight Agent.

Jessica Green

Jessica averaging $3,400  per month in commission

Jeff Ruland

Jeff averaging $9,200  per month in commission

Kim Richards

Kim averaging $2,900  per month in commission

Terissa Kelton

Terissa averaging $7,300  per month in commission

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NOTE:   Freight Broker Agent On The Job Training opportunity (home-based position contract with training) is offered after successful background check and qualifications with approximately 150hrs of training and $2500 fee made in full.

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I am extremely appreciative to be part of Newcomb Logistics, and have long term plans to continue growing and surpassing previous yearly records. Growth like this doesn't happen to just any company - only those who include Agents as a part of their whole. Best money I've ever spend on their training!!! –Carolyn F. Newcomb Freight Agent in California

This business has allowed me to live my life the way I want to (volunteering to other places, and spending quality time with my family and friends). Newcomb Transportation & Logistics willingness to take me on, has helped me continue growing and I look forward to this next phase of my expansion. –Marie B. Newcomb Freight Agent in Alaska

With the help and support of my incredible family and the Newcomb family, I am working from home, exceeding my goals and making more money than ever before :) I am truly happy and can't thank everyone at Newcomb enough who has helped me accomplish so much in such little time. It's safe to say, I will retire with Newcomb Transportation and Logistics as a successful freight agent and dispatcher –Johnny A. Newcomb Freight Agent in Arizona

I joined the Newcomb team recently and it is nothing short of being one of the greatest brokerage operations in the world. Newcomb Logistics is truly a first class company that takes great pride in building strong relationships not only with their Agents, but also with each transportation vendor. Thank you Newcomb for giving me your training opportunity and a job as a Freight Agent –John B. Newcomb Freight Agent in Kansas

Before I become Newcomb freight agent, I was a truck driver for 2 decades. I was constantly away from my family and friends. Becoming an agent has opened doors for me by being able to socialize and meet people, and helped me to develop better relationships personally and professionally. Newcomb Transportation & Logistics has been instrumental in my achieving my goal of managing my own business, by always working to assist me as an agent, and being very informative on how to grow as the trucking industry changes. I have really enjoyed my partnership here, thank you for the opportunity and a good training –Natalia L. Newcomb Freight Agent in Georgia

Things are looking great for our business. We are very blessed!! With Newcomb Logistics, his will be a win-in for everyone. My wife and I are still amazed at the training support that we’ve gotten so far. –Roman S. Newcomb Freight Agent in Taxes

Prior to working for Newcomb, I ran my own brokerage. Unfortunately, the financial responsibility became too much and I could no longer operate the business. That's when I began searching for a financially-stable company and found Newcomb Transportation & Logistics. I knew they were serious about paying carriers on time and had the financial resources to help me grow my business. –John B. Newcomb Freight Agent in Florida

It's so refreshing to work for a company like Newcomb Logistics after being at a large, publicly traded company. They're incredibly responsive. Plus the commission splits are much better! With Newcomb Logistics, I have peace of mind knowing my carriers are always paid on time and that has made all the difference –Sherri R. Newcomb Freight Agent in Utah

My friend and I we were planning to go to freight broker school together, but after we found out that none of the school offer any job after the training we were keep looking. We found Newcomb Transportation $ Logistics who trained us on the job. Thank you for your great program. Freight Agent training fee of $2500 worth every penny. Money well spent. Approaching $6,000 a month, I am extremely satisfied and happy. All my family are so grateful for your excellent training package and the job –Leon N. Newcomb Freight Agent in Washington