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Newcomb Transportation & logistics Company has been privileged to work with a vast array of clients. We provide the highest level of operational expertise and teamwork to manage our customer’s transportation needs.

Newcomb Transportation & logistics Brokers serve our carriers so they can serve our customers. NT&L works with carriers of all sizes, from an owner-operator with one truck to mega-carriers with thousands. We have a network of over 2,500 carriers and we hold all of our carriers to the highest standards for safety and reliability. NT&L measures carrier performance and rewards for good service. We pay our carriers fairly and promptly. It’s good business, and it translates to better benefits for our clients.

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    NT&L Discounted Freight Shipping Quotes

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Newcomb Transportation & Logistics is more than just a freight broker. We are a full service freight shipping company, specializing in various freight shipping services. We offer the best freight rates quotes whether you are seeking price competitive freight rates or specialized freight quotes.


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