Flatbed Trailer Varieties

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Flatbed Trailer Varieties

Flatbed Trailers to Haul Cargo

Flatbed trailers moving cargo on the highways may look alike, but each type of trailer has its own features and benefits. Before you acquire a trailer, in taking into consideration the a variety of shipments you may haul take into account the weight, dimensions and contents. Also, you need to know the U.S. Department of Transportation regulations for transporting shipments. Once you have assembled this information, you can narrow the search down for the most appropriate flatbed trailer for your business.

Standard Flatbed

Many people purchase a standard flatbed when the load height does not matter. The most well-liked size standard flatbed is 48 feet long. However, manufacturers build standard flatbeds from 45 to 53 feet long and the bed height ranges from 60 to 62 inches tall with an 8 feet 4 inch maximum height for the shipment. Drivers who haul cargo that exceeds a height of 13 feet 6 inches must obtain an oversize load permit.

Drop-Deck Trailer

Haulers also use Drop-deck trailers to move shipments. The Drop-deck trailer length is 48 or 53 feet. The trailer has an upper deck that is 10 feet or 11 feet long and a lower bed height of the trailer that ranges from 38 to 40 inches. The Drop-deck trailer allows for transport of higher loads without the acquire of an oversize permit. Other names for the Drop-deck trailers contain single-drop and step-deck trailers.

Double-Drop Trailer

A double-drop trailer has a raised front deck with the “well” or middle section of the bed ranging as low as 22 to 24 inches. The utility trailer’s freight load height can reach up to 11 feet 6 inches. Drivers opt for a double-drop trailer when they need to haul very tall loads without obtaining a permit. Double-drop trailers have a propensity to cost extra than standard flatbed and Drop-deck trailers.

Tri Axle

A Tri Axle trailers features three axles and resembles a Drop-deck trailer. Drivers can transport heavier cargo with a permit when a trailer comes with three axles. The trailer spans 48 feet long.

Specialized Flatbed Trailers

When a shipment is unable to fit traditional flatbeds, haulers can opt for a modified trailer. Since specialized flatbed trailers come customized, the trailers have a assortment of specifications and capacities. Specialized flatbed trailers are not usually obtainable and they asking price more than other trailers.


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