FAQ: Auto Shipping & Transportation

Auto Shipping & Transportation FAQ

  • How does car shipping work?

    Car shipping can be very complex and difficult. However, Total Car Shipping is here to make the process simple and convenient. Total Car Shipping will find a driver for you that will pick up and deliver your vehicle(s) at the address you specify. We will walk you through the process from start to finish and make sure you know what needs to be done at each step.

    • Place your order with Total Car Shipping
    • Total Car Shipping will work to find a driver that can accommodate your vehicle(s) and your dates the best we can
    • Once we have a Driver, we will notify the driver and forward his contact information to you
    • You will be charged the deposit once the vehicle has been picked up for transport
    • The driver will typically contact you to arrange for pick up some time between 4 to 24 hours in advance
    • When the driver arrives for pickup he will inspect the vehicle and fill out a Bill of Lading and have you sign it.  He will then load your vehicle and transport it to the delivery location
    • The driver will contact you typically 4 to 24 hours before delivery and schedule the delivery
    • Delivery will take place at the location you specified
    • You will inspect the vehicle, sign the Bill of Lading and pay the driver

    That is it.  We will work with you and the driver all along the way.

  • Can I arrange a terminal service?

    Terminal services can be arranged, however, terminals do charge additional fees and therefore, we prefer to give our customers door-to-door service whenever possible to avoid unnecessary charges.

    If you need your vehicle stored before pick up or delivery we can arrange this for you for additional costs.  Please talk to your NT&L broker agent at the time your order is placed if you will need this service.

  • Can I ship inoperable or unusual vehicles?

    Absolutely, we specialize in unusual vehicles such as antique, classic and collectible cars and accommodate oversize vehicles. Make sure your NT&L Broker agent knows about any unusual aspects of your vehicle;

    • Low clearance
    • Extra fuel tanks
    • Tool boxes
    • Over or under sized tires
    • Luggage racks, etc.

    For inoperable vehicles, please let us know about this at the time your order is placed so we can dispatch a special carrier that is capable of transporting your vehicle.

  • What is door-to-door transport?

    Door-to-door means that we arrange for pickup and delivery at the address you specify (subject to accessibility and local laws). You do not have to go to a terminal to pick up or drop off your vehicle.

    Our “Door to Door” Auto Transport Service is designed to make car shipping simple and convenient for you.  Carrier will pick up your vehicle(s) at your specified address and deliver it to any delivery address you specify in the lower 48 US states.  It is that simple. However, it has to be legal and safe for the driver carrier to reach your provided address with driver’s truck. If there is an issue with the address the driver will contact you and make other arrangements for a suitable nearby location such as a shopping mall or other large parking lot.

    Auto Transport “Door to Door” service also implies that we will work to provide accommodations to your needs.  However, these needs must be communicated in advance and corresponded to our brokers.

  • On what kind of transporter will my vehicle be carried?

    Most are transported via multiple car carriers, the same type used to transport new vehicles from the manufacturing plant to dealerships. However, the final carrier type is dependents on the route, timing and vehicle.

  • Is my vehicle insured during shipment?

    Yes, your vehicle is insured from the time it is picked up to the time it is delivered. The Carrier is required to carry insurance and his insurance covers the vehicle while it is in his possession.

  • What is direct service?

    Direct service is able to transport your vehicle on one truck and with one driver. Generally, this is the best method for transporting your vehicle. However, at times other services work out better and we will transport your vehicle using multiple trucks and/or multiple drivers. You can discuss this with your NT&L Broker agent at the time that your driver is assigned.

  • What determines the auto transportation and shipping price?

    The price of your transport is determined by 3 major variables:


    1.) The vehicle you are transporting.

    Large, heavy vehicles cost more, while small, lighter vehicles cost less. Also vehicles with modifications like large tires, lift kits, luggage racks, extra fuel tanks etc. may increase the cost of transporting your particular vehicle.

    2.) The route of your transport.

    The old real estate adage “location, location, location” is very applicable to the auto transport industry.  Locations or routes as we call them make up a large part of the cost of a transport.  The lowest cost routes will be those with easy access to a major freeway, have easy access for the driver and his 75 to 80 ft long / 14 ft high truck, have low toll costs, and have a good supply of other vehicles for the driver to load before continuing his route.

    So routes with either a remote pick up or delivery location will cost more. Routes that have no direct major freeway linkage will cost more. Routes that are in high demand will also cost more simply because there will be a large amount of competition for the available drivers. Routes that go into highly congested areas like city centers or that requires the driver to pay expensive tolls will also cost more.

    3.) The timing of your transport.

    The more flexible you can be about your dates the lower your costs can be.  Conversely, if you have tight time constraints, it will be much more difficult to find you a driver that can accommodate your constraints and when a driver is found it will likely cost you more.

    Prices in the Auto Transport industry can change very fast.  Often, they can change 10 to 20% in a matter of a few days.  This is all driven by the volatile supply and demand forces at operation.

    No matter what, Newcomb Transportation & Logistics brokers can help you mitigate these issues.  We have experience addressing all of these issues and can help to keep your costs low and provide you the best overall value for your auto transport.  We are here to serve you.

  • Do I have to be present when my vehicle is picked or delivered?

    Either you, or a designated person, do have to be present upon pickup and delivery of your vehicle to sign a contract or “Bill of Lading (BOL)”, which is an inspection that the driver performs with you to review if there is any damage on the car before loading it on the truck, the same is done upon delivery.

  • How many days in advance do I need to arrange for my vehicle to be picked up?

    We recommend that you book your order 7 to 10 days in advance. However, if you need to move your car immediately, NT&L Brokers will work with you on an individual basis to accommodate your needs.

  • When will my driver be assigned?

    A driver can be assigned at any time after your order is complete. However, in most cases the driver will be assigned between 3 business days before and after the first available date.

    Because there are so many variables that affect the drivers schedules they generally do not schedule their loads weeks in advance of the customer’s first available date.

    However, because Newcomb Transportation & Logistics brokers has a very large auto transportation carrier network we are able to assign about 90% of our orders to a driver before the 3rd business day after the 1st available date.

  • What if I need to change my vehicle pick up or delivery location?

    We are happy to accommodate your pickup and delivery changes. Please call your NT&L Broker agent as soon as possible and make us aware of your needs.

    If no driver or company has been assigned then we can accommodate the change with no issue. We may have to adjust the price estimate for your order if the locations or scheduling requirements are substantially different. Otherwise, there will be no charge for the change.

    If a driver has been assigned then we will work with the assigned driver to adjust his route accordingly. However, there may be additional fees and/or delays. We will do our best to work this out with the driver for minimum cost and delay.

    Either way, Newcomb Transportation & Logistics brokers will do our best to accommodate your needs.

  • What if I need to change my first available date?

    We are happy to accommodate any changes to your first available date. We understand that plans and situations can change at any time. Please call, email or fax your NT&L Broker agent with your request for a change and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

    If no driver has been assigned, then we can change your first available date easily and without any cost increase.

    However, if a driver has been assigned, then there may be additional fees or delays required to accommodate your request. We will work with the assigned driver to accommodate your change but may need to find you a new driver.

    Newcomb Transportation & Logistics brokers will do our best to accommodate your request for the change whatever the circumstance.

  • What if I need to cancel my order?

    Newcomb Transportation & Logistics brokers have a very flexible cancellation policy. We call it our “No Obligation Guarantee.” Just fax or email your cancellation request to your NT&L Broker agent and we will take care of the rest.

    If no driver/company has been assigned we are happy to accommodate your request at no charge. However, if a driver/company has been assigned then there may be a fee required to accommodate your request to cancel.

    Either way Newcomb Transportation & Logistics brokers are happy to accommodate your cancellation request.

  • How long will it take to find driver for my vehicle shipping order?

    Newcomb Transportation & Logistics brokers have an extensive network of drivers/companies. Because of this we are typically able to find you a driver within 3 days of your first available date. However, it can take longer and at times as much as 7 days or longer.

    The main determinate to finding a driver for you is the price of your order. The driver/company will pick up vehicles that pay much sooner. The other major determinate for pick up timing is pickup and delivery location. It will be more difficult and can take longer to find drivers for remote locations.

  • What if there is a problem with my order?

    Newcomb Transportation & Logistics brokers are here for you and we will do whatever we can to assist with your order. All we ask is that you communicate with us regarding the problem and work with us on finding a solution.

    We will do our best to resolve whatever issue you have. Please contact your NT&L Broker agent either by phone, email or fax. Sometimes our phones are very busy so at times we can be easier to reach by email.

  • What is the BOL and why is it important?

    The BOL also called “Bill of Lading”, is a legal document used by the drivers to document the condition of the vehicle at pickup and delivery. For your protection we recommend that you review, sign and date these at both pickup and delivery, and make sure the driver/company does the same. Also, any payments that you make to the driver should be noted on the BOL.

    Keep these documents for your records for some weeks after the vehicle is delivered. If there are any issues with the vehicle or the driver these documents will be needed to help process the issue.

  • What if my vehicle is dirty when it is delivered?

    When a car is shipped via an open truck it is likely to get dirty during the transport. The drivers travel in all types of weather which can accumulate road grime on the loaded vehicles. This is generally not an issue but we recommend that you note that the vehicle was dirty when it is delivered on the BOL.

    As soon as you can, we recommend that you wash the vehicle and check for any undocumented damage. If there is any issue with the vehicle please call, email or fax your NT&L Broker agent and call your driver/company to let them know about the issue immediately. It is critical that you act promptly in these matters.

  • What do I need to do to get ready my vehicle for transport?

    There are several tasks that you need to complete to prepare your vehicle for transport:

    • Make sure there is between 1/8 and 1/4 tank of fuel
    • Remove your license plate and place it in the vehicle under a floor mat
    • Disable all alarms
    • Have one set of keys available for the driver/company, but keep at least one set of keys for you. If you are purchasing a vehicle we recommend that you have one set of keys shipped to you separately from the vehicle
    • Make sure the vehicle is clean inside and out
    • Remove any easily removed or expensive equipment like stereos, CB’s, GPS’s and radar detectors
  • What do I do to prepare my vehicle for Sea transport?

    Vehicles being transport by sea must be prepared much the same as vehicles transported by truck. However, the following additional steps must be taken:

    • The vehicle must be clean and free of dirt. Even the under carriage, tires and wheels, of the vehicle must be clean to prevent unwanted organisms from being transported
    • NO personal items may be shipped in the vehicle
  • How do I pay and what types of payments do you accept?

    Generally, Total Newcomb Transportation & Logistics brokers will collect a deposit that will be charged to a major credit card.  This Deposit is charged when we assign a driver to transport your vehicle(s).  The balance of the payment will be paid to the driver upon delivery of our vehicle, COD (Collect on delivery).

    The payment to the driver must be:

    • Cash
    • Cashier’s Check
    • money order payable to the Driver/Company

    Newcomb Transportation & Logistics brokers recommend that you get a receipt from the driver for your payment.

  • What Payment options does NT&L Brokers support?

    For Credit Cards we accept:

    • VISA
    • Master Card
    • Discover Card
    • PayPal (You can use our PayPal payment system to pay with any major credit card)

    Newcomb Transportation & Logistics brokers generally do not accept payment by check. However, if you need to make payment by check, please discuss this with your NT&L Broker agent before you place your auto transportation/shipping order.

  • Will NT&L Brokers pay the driver for me?

    Usually, it is better that you pay the driver directly. Most drivers prefer to be paid immediately upon pick up and some drivers will even refuse to transport vehicles until they are paid by the customer. Thus, we can often find you a driver quicker and at a lower cost if you pay the driver directly.

    However, NT&L Broker agents can make the payments for you for an added fee as long as arrangements are made with your NT&L Broker agent at the time the order is placed.

  • Who is responsible for Port Fees?

    It depends.  Please discuss this with your NT&L Broker agent at the time your order is placed.

  • Can I ship my personal items in my vehicle?

    Usually you can’t. The Department of Transportation does not allow auto transport carriers to transport personal items in a vehicle. Newcomb Transportation & Logistics brokers are not licensed to transport personal items, nor are the carriers who will be transporting your vehicle.  Your auto carrier can be ticketed and fined if they are cited for transporting personal items in vehicles loaded on their trucks.

    However, most auto carriers will allow a small amount of personal items to be in the vehicle.

    So, the answer to the question is:  It depends.

    Newcomb Transportation & Logistics brokers does not recommend that customers ship personal items in their vehicles.

  • What do I do if I want or need to ship any personal items in my vehicle?

    NT&L Broker agent know about your personal items request. If Newcomb Transportation & Logistics brokers know in advance we can communicate this while we are looking for a driver for you.  This can increase the probability that your goods can be moved with the driver we find.  However, we do not guarantee that we can find a driver that will move your personal goods, and in general we do not recommend shipping personal items in your vehicle(s) being transported. NT&L Broker services do not include finding a driver/company that can move your personal items therefor we will only accommodate this request the best we can.

    Contact your driver/company before he arrives and confirm that your items can be transported.  It is a good idea to send driver/company a picture of the loaded vehicle.  Nothing is worse than having the driver arrive and have him refuse to take your vehicle because of the contents. Driver/company may refuse and or request more money for the transport if arrangements are not made in advance.  Fees may be due to Newcomb Transportation & Logistics brokers if we have to reschedule your transport.

  • Are any of my personal items (if any), insured?

    No.  Personal items loaded in vehicles being shipped are not insured by Newcomb Transportation & Logistics brokers or by the driver/company. These items are being shipped strictly at the customers risk.

  • What types of personal items can be shipped?

    Pretty much anything that a driver/company will agree to ship can be shipped. However, Newcomb Transportation & Logistics brokers do not recommend that customers ship personal items in their vehicles. If however, you do desire to ship personal items, Newcomb Transportation & Logistics brokers recommends that you ship only soft goods like clothing and blankets. NT&L Brokers do not recommend shipping anything of monetary or personal value, if lost or damaged would mean a great deal to you.

  • How many personal items can I ship?

    It depends. Every driver/company is different. Some drivers will NOT allow any personal items in vehicles they are transporting while others will move vehicles that are heavily loaded.

    Generally, most driver/company will move a vehicle that has 100lbs of personal items or less when the contents are packed so that they are not visible outside the vehicle. If you have a sedan that means it can be placed under the seats and/or in the trunk.  For a van or SUV, this means in the back under a cover. Basically, everything has to be fully out of sight.

    These are rules of thumb and not commitments. To be sure, you need to confirm that your driver/company will be okay with your items by contacting driver/company in advance.

    Newcomb Transportation & Logistics brokers do not recommend that customers move personal items in vehicles.

  • If I'm shipping my vehicle by sea, can I put personal items in the vehicle?

    Absolutely NOT!

    The US Customs Service and Port Authorities will not allow ANY personal items in a vehicle being transported on a vessel leaving or entering a US port.  If a vehicle is delivered to a port terminal with any personal items the vehicle will be inspected and will not be loaded on the ship until all personal items have been removed.

  • What if the driver won't move my vehicle with my personal items?

    By law, a driver is allowed to refuse to take a car with personal items loaded in your vehicle.

    If your driver refuses to take your vehicle with your personal items loaded, Newcomb Transportation & Logistics brokers recommend that you unload the items from your vehicle and ship them via other methods. We recommend that you call NT&L Broker agent and talk to your agent about the problem. We can help you resolve things and find the best alternative for you.

  • What if the driver wants more money for my personal items in the vehicle?

    This is a matter strictly between you and the driver/company. Your arrangements with Newcomb Transportation & Logistics brokers do not include the shipment of personal items. However, we can help you negotiate with the driver to obtain the best overall solution. Please contact your NT&L Broker agent for assistance.

  • Are Newcomb Transportation & Logistics brokers registered and bonded?

    Yes, we maintain a surety bond with the federal government pursuant to 49 U.S.C. §13906(b) and are registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

  • Why should I select Newcomb Transportation & Logistics brokers to transport my vehicle?

    Newcomb Transportation & Logistics brokers have shipped thousands of passenger cars.  Here are a few reasons why network on NT&L brokers is the right choice for your auto shipping and transport:

    • Enclosed Carriers & Containerized transport
    • We Don’t Charge a Deposit Until We Have Picked-Up Your Vehicle.
    • Your Vehicle is Fully Insured From Start To Finish.
    • We Have Access To The Best Carriers In The Industry.
    • A Reputation of Reliability & Quality Service

    We have everything you need to make the process simple and convenient and we will provide you a great value in the process.

  • How NT&L Brokers Qualify Their Auto Carriers?

    NT&L brokers provide our customers the very best auto transport value in the industry.   Our referred driver program use drivers and auto transport companies who earn our respect over time and have met the high standard we do require for the best performance.

    We have an extensive network of preferred drivers and auto transport companies, but sometime can take longer to find you the right driver or a company.

    Newcomb Transportation & Logistics brokers use minimum qualifications for all auto carriers in order to meet our best auto transport and shipping standards:

    NT&L Brokers Standard Auto Carrier Qualifications
    • Licensed by the FMCSA
    • Fully Insured
    • Have a 94% satisfaction rating with 10 reviews or more
    • Have been in operation for 6 months or more
    • Have been in operation for 2 years
    • Have a 97% satisfaction rating with 100 reviews or more
    • Have successfully transported 5 loads for Total Car Shipping
  • What If My Question Is Not Listed In FAQ?

    Send NT&L Broker agent your question via Email or Call to speak to one of NT&L Broker trained agents. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

  • Is my quote all inclusive?

    Your rate includes all customs and loading fees in the United States needed to get your vehicle to your destination port. IShipMyCar Brokers is not responsible for any taxes or fees charged by your destination’s port after delivery.

  • How can I pay for Overseas Vehicle Transport?

    You have two options

    1) Send us a cashier’s check for the full amount before the order is placed or

    2) Pay in full with a credit card which requires an additional processing fee.

  • What kind of paperwork do I need to fill out?

    You will need to fill out our Letter of Intent and Power of Attorney forms along with our standard IShipMyCar Brokers order form for your full payment.

  • What types of documents do I need to provide?

    If you own the vehicle we need the original title. If you do not own the vehicle we will still need a copy of the title with the lean holder’s information along with an original lean release letter from the lean holder.

  • Does my quote include marine insurance?

    No it does not, insurance is available for purchase at a cost of 2.5% of the value of the vehicle which is established by the customer.

  • Can I pick my shipping date?

    No, shipping dates are based on the spaces available at the port at the time of your request. Dates are always subject to change.



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