Different Types of Freight

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Different Types of Freight

The different types of freight you can broker are almost endless. The most common are Flatbed freight, refrigerated freight (reefer), van freight, and auto hauling. Other types are; oversized (wide load, extended, maxi, step deck, double drop, Less than truckload or LTL, and more), boats, household goods, government, logs/timber, and the list goes on.
Your reefer freight usually consists of food products, produce, or temperature sensitive material. Dry Van loads can range from food products to most any material. Flatbeds usually haul metals, large equipment, and other goods that will not fit in an enclosed trailer.
When it comes to specialized, this can be boat hauling, car hauling, extended flatbeds, and more. The specialized market is a good one to get in to. It pays well and is not as flooded as the other freight types.
You also have your freight forwarding freight types. They are freight that is shipped on container boats, rail, or air. It can be any of the goods you would see in the above lists, just destined for another country.

Whichever field you decide to get into, I recommend you do research and ask questions on that topic. I would say that the easiest, but most competitive is van freight. Your van freight can consist of auto parts, dry foods, papers, plastics and more. It is the least likely to give you any problems during the transport process. When dealing with reefer freight, you have to worry about temperature control. Flatbed freight, you have to worry about straps, chains, tarps, and more. Once you get into specialized such as oversized, boats, maxi, etc; you have to worry about permits, escorts, and more.


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