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Are you an owner operator, mid-size or larger fleet?

We are ready to work with you.  We consider our carriers to be an integral part of our success. Newcomb Transportation & Logistics manages loads of dry, refrigerated, flatbed, LTL and international freight. We offer short or long lanes, and Quick Pay. With no trucks of our own, we can devote our resources to providing you with the support you need to succeed.

Learn more about our  Owner Operator Program

Once you're operating under Newcomb Transportation MC Authority as an Owner Operator, You can choose to receive (for solo drivers) $1.02cpm (loaded & empty, all miles paid) + FSC. 100% fuel surcharge paid to the driver. OR, 85% of all line-haul revenues in the Refrigerated & Flatbed Divisions generated by your truck.

Always Looking Out for Our Customers and Carriers.

Newcomb Transportation & Logistics provides $1,000,000 Contingent Auto Liability and $100,000 Contingent Cargo insurance as a standard service to our clients. For those time-critical shipments, Newcomb Transportation & Logistics offers expedited shipping services. Please contact us for more information on our contingent auto liability insurance, contingent cargo insurance or expedited shipping services.


Newcomb Transportation& Logistics is more than just a freight broker. We are a full service freight shipping company, specializing in various freight shipping services. We offer the best freight rates quotes whether you are seeking price competitive freight rates or specialized freight quotes.