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New And Improved Carrier Pay Program! We pay 100% to you as a Carrier within 2-3 business days after receiving all original paperwork  ( Note: 5% processing charge will apply from the total Carrier $ pay amount )

By executing this agreement, the carrier listed below requests that Newcomb Transportation & Logistics will make an early payment of freight charges in exchange for a discount off the agreed rate provided in our Confirmation of Contract Carrier Rate Agreement.

New And Improved Carrier Pay Program!

Upon completion of the load, and after providing the necessary documents to confirm completion of the carrier’s responsibilities without loss or damage, Newcomb Transportation & Logistics  agrees to pay to carrier the amount of the freight bill agreed to on the Confirmation of Contract Carrier Rate Agreement, less the discount amount selected below. Payment on all invoices will be made, provided the proper documents have been submitted.

Carrier has the option to select a payment method of either a physical check to be cut and mailed or an electronic payment in the form of a T-Chek to be given to an authorized agent of the carrier on its scheduled due date for the amount due after the applicable fee for the Quick Pay Program. All payments via T-Chek will be processed directly with the carriers’ office personnel; no payment (T-Chek account information) will be given to a driver.

Carrier shall provide Newcomb Transportation & Logistics with written payment instructions along with their selection of discount plans, and agrees to indemnify and hold Newcomb Transportation & Logistics harmless from any claims or damages that may arise from payment by Newcomb Transportation & Logistics according to carrier’s instructions.

Fee % subject to change without notice.

Contractor may receive payment sooner than the general payment option provided in the Independent Contractor Agreement through the Company’s expedited payment plan (“Quick Pay”).

If there is a possible claim on a load, Quick Pay will not be available until the investigation is concluded. This agreement will resume after all issues have been resolved. This agreement will be effective for all invoices received by the date set forth below until the company issues a written cancellation. If Contractor factors or assigns invoices to another party, or if the Company receives notice of the same, this Agreement will automatically become null, void, and cancelled as of such date of notification.

Any Questions please feel free to contact us at our office:

Freight and Cargo: (877) 97-CARGO (972-2746)

Car Shipping and Transport: (855) 85-VEHICLE (858-3442)




Download “New Carrier Packet”

You may submit your “New Carrier Packet” via fax: (888) 777-8547, or email to: with “New Carrier Packet” in a subject line.



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