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With Newcomb Transportation & Logistics Brokers, the sky is the limit. We provide a full range of charter aircraft services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Whether you’re shipping across the continent or across the globe, Newcomb Transportation & Logistics Brokers provides you with maximum control over your cargo regardless of its size, type, origin or destination. That means door-to-door pickup and delivery anywhere in the world, with no intermediate off-loading or cargo transfers. Your cargo departs and arrives at its destination together – this includes large shipments in single lots, saving you time, money and duplication of documentation.

Our extensive experience in chartering every type of aircraft enables us to determine the most cost-effective transportation modes. Available aircraft includes everything from Lear jets to Boeing 747s to DC-3s to Antonov AN-124s.

With Newcomb Transportation & Logistics Brokers, you’ll enjoy the benefits of excellent service and competitive pricing. Our charter services include:

Newcomb Transportation & Logistics broker services provides a full transportation management solution a platform to meet your needs with 24/7/365 accessibility, spot and surge capacity as well as expedited and overflow services.


  • Why Choose Newcomb Transportation & Logistics Brokers?
    • Service 98.5%+ on time
    • Real-time comprehensive shipment tracking to verify the status of your time-sensitive or destination-critical shipments
    • Extensive operational expertise and flexibility
    • Highest qualifying standards for contracted carriers
    • Unsurpassed commitment to integrity
    • Flexible pricing
    • Proactive shipment exception and advance notification
    • Hazardous materials and dangerous goods
    • Perishable commodities
    • Fragile items & High-value materials
Newcomb T&L Brokers is the only freight shipping and transport contact you would need!

Coordination and preparation of domestic and international shipment documents to minimize the possibility of any delay. When it comes to chartering cargo flights in a hurry, Newcomb Transportation & Logistics Brokers is ready.

Newcomb Transportation & Logistics Brokers offers some of the best air freight solutions in the industry with a complete portfolio of air freight services. Our goals are to meet the tightest deadlines and maintain the highest standards while providing you with the best competitive value.

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Newcomb Transportation& Logistics is more than just a freight broker. We are a full service freight shipping company, specializing in various freight shipping services. We offer the best freight rates quotes whether you are seeking price competitive freight rates or specialized freight quotes.


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