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We’re quality driven to provide the best transportation & logistics Broker services possible to our valued customers!

We could dress this up, with more descriptions, but the bottom line is, we get things done with and for you!

We Take The Hassle Out Of Your Shipments

Newcomb Transportation & Logistics Brokers also known as web based company newcombtransportation.com freight brokerage firm and sometimes abbreviated as NT&L, it gets its name after our founder, Newcomb.

Our freight brokerage company now extends its services and opportunities to all of its customers and partners and goes the extra mile to make sure that our freight management services provide a shipping company with safe and secure freight transportation in contiguous 48 states & Canada with clear communication at every step of freight shipment. Our state of the art load tracking and dispatch technology enables us to provide freight shippers and freight carriers with accurate freight tracking and freight delivery information.

We think your choice should be easy and based on fact, not reputation. Newcomb Transportation & Logistics Brokers has distinguished us from the pack through the following core features below:

  • When it comes to selecting a partner to provide freight broker services, you certainly have choices!
    • First and foremost, we’re about execution. At the end of the day, you want to know, “Was it executed accurately, on time and with maximum efficiency?” That’s our first priority-to make sure that the answer to each of these questions is yes.
    • Our customers stay with us a very long time. For many, we measure the relationship in years. Our customers are loyal because we continue to add value in new ways, year after year.
    • We have never stopped innovating. And we never will. It’s the only way to stay relevant. When it comes to technology and logistics innovation, global freight shipping, we don’t follow. We lead.
    • Continuous improvement is not a hollow marketing claim at Newcomb Transportation & Logistics Brokers. It’s a way of life. Our team and partners are trained to identify and eliminate inefficiency-whenever and wherever they find it.
    • We provide reliable freight transportation logistics and freight broker services.  As a family owned freight broker, we pride ourselves on delivering personalized freight logistics services, and we work with shipping companies and trucking companies to ensure the best freight logistics management for your shipping company or trucking company.
    • We offer consistently reliable freight transportation services, bar none!
    • We are fully insured with one of the nation’s largest insurance carriers. Newcomb Transportation & Logistics Brokers team helps you plan the best routes to get your load to its destination quickly and safely.
    • Behind the scenes, we coordinate with docks, warehouses, train carriers, drivers, and your market place. We keep you informed, so you don’t have to worry or deal with the hassle of moving your freight.
    • Keep your costs low, while keeping your services high.  Let us manage the entire freight process with precision – and add to your bottom line!

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We’re lucky. We get to work in one of the most exciting, important and ever-changing fields in global freight business – supply, shipping chain management. We hope our excitement shows in our work and in our customer relationships. We think it does.

Newcomb Transportation & Logistics is knowledgeable transportation broker specialists are available for prompt freight quotations and to assist you in booking your cargo, preparing export/import documentation requirements, arranging pick-up and scheduling your shipment to its final destination! As a freight forwarding, transportation and logistics organization we provides cargo transportation and logistics solutions for the following industries products and services but not limited to…  Click on image

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 Newcomb Transportation and Logistics over-delivers on what they promise, as routine.  We value the 100% consistent results as they handle the hassles of freight logistics, so we don’t have to! We get regular updates from them on every load.  This lets me know the status from start to finish – any delays – and, when each shipment is delivered.  This allows us to bill our customer right on delivery, because we know exactly when the shipment is complete. –Kathleen L. Keith

The Newcomb Transportation and Logistics team provide what we strive for with our own customers: they are honest, loyal and show the highest integrity in their business dealings with me.  They go ‘the extra mile’ every time.  It’s great working with people you can count on.  People you can trust.  And, regardless of any obstacles along the way, NT&L makes every shipment “right.”  There are no unexpected surprises.  No worries for us. –Vincent J. Perrone, Evergreen Solar

 You will always know where you stand with Newcomb Logistics.  Their services are impeccable, competitive and fair.  Frankly, they are so far and above the norm – it’s almost unbelievable!  But, it is a fact - one that I’ve experienced time and again, since 2011.  After decades in business, and almost a year of experience with Newcomb Transportation & Logistics, I have never been so impressed or pleased with a service provider. When you try them, I doubt you’ll ever want to switch! –D. Amerson - Houston, Texas

 Newcomb Transportation & Logistics broker company was the perfect solution for out freight shipping needs. With great enthusiasm for their work, they created the highest quality professional broker services at a price which we could afford. It was a joy to work with them. They made it easier than we had anticipated. They met all our shipping requests faster than the time frame they quoted us. A rare occurrence with most businesses today! –Michael M. Ostigust, Project Specialist, R&G Communications

 We reduced our freight trucking costs by over $25,000 last year by using NewcombLogistics.com brokers discounts on carrier rates. Not only have we saved our company a lot of money with Newcomb Transportation & Logistics on our freight shipping last year, they've been a pleasure to work with. Thank you for being more than a freight broker firm to both our company and customers!. But the best part of doing business with NT&L is we enjoy the people! –Ryan Huner, FG Equipment

 NewcombLogistics.com freight brokers have done an outstanding job on getting our entire product shipped out the door in a timely manner. They always get us an immediate attention we need. Communication is a strong requirement for us so we know what is happening with each load shipping out the door and Newcomb Transportation& Logistics has done a great job with that. They are very professional and at the same time a very personal broker company to deal with. –Judy Cady, Senior Sales Service Specialist, Hanson Company

Customer service is a big deal for us, and Newcomb Transportation& Logistics has set the bar really high!  We asked for rate quotes and they were very timely on that.  We'll send them an e-mail, and within a few hours we have our quote.  We go back quite a ways. I like how NT&L does business, and they always follow through! Newcomb Transportation& Logistics is more personable-you can talk to them. You feel like a partner, not a customer! –Farrell L. Hart, General Manager, KGP Telecom.

Newcomb Transportation& Logistics has some of the most professional people I’ve ever worked with in a freight broker industry, and they give us perfection every time we do business together! What’s unique about NT&L is that they put a tremendous amount of focus on building a trusted partnership with us. I don’t call anyone else! NT&L handles everything I need. I absolutely would recommend NewcombLogistics.com to any shipper, and I have! –Terry Hanson, Shipping & Receiving Manager, Otter Outdoors

After struggling to find a good and reliable freight Broker Company, we fortunately discovered Newcomb Transportation& Logistics. They handle our shipping thought their carriers from pick-up to delivery while giving us very competitive pricing. In our business we ship a lot of irregular and oversized treatment systems to job sites all over the country where work crews are counting on credible delivery dates. Newcomb Logistics has earned that trust. –Eric L. Grams, Product Level Control, INC

The best thing about working with Newcomb Transportation& Logistics is the people and professionalism.  Once they have all our shipping information, they take care of the rest.  I value the service and easy relationship we have developed with NT&L over the years. I can always count on this company to handle our needs with the urgency we require. I have and will continue to recommend this company based on service, efficiency and cost feasibility. –Shelley Brady, Taylor Corporation


Newcomb Transportation& Logistics is more than just a freight broker. We are a full service freight shipping company, specializing in various freight shipping services. We offer the best freight rates quotes whether you are seeking price competitive freight rates or specialized freight quotes.

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